We take our time using modern and well maintained equipment to ensure your property will look its best.

With our landscape maintenance service, you can rest easy knowing all the outdoor chores are taken care of:

Landscape Maintenance 

Lawn mowing


Pruning and trimming

Spring cleanup

Fall cleanup

Lawn fertilization program

Lawn aeration and Thatch removal 

It’s that easy. We’ll arrive on schedule, work on your property conscientiously and respectfully, and always leave your landscape looking beautiful and tidy. Give us a call to let us know the work that you’d like to take off your to-do list, or perhaps that of a loved one. You can depend on us to keep landscapes looking great – with care and without fail!

Landscape Design and Installation

As impressive as a patio, gazebo or stonework can be, nothing gives us more enrichment and pleasure than having the beauty and colours of healthy plant life around us. As caring and skilled landscapers, we love to bring homeowners’ properties to life. We design and install landscapes to beautify leisure spaces, soften the lines of hardscapes, and create personal spaces for diversion and rejuvenation.

There will be wonderful sights and scents to take in, without a doubt, but gardens and other planting can have very real functional benefits as well. Trees, shrubs and beds can be carefully placed to flow traffic around a landscape, hide unwelcome views, or signal a spot to just pause and enjoy the beauty of the space.

Why not use plant life to function as a fence or wall? Shrubs are one of the most beautiful ways to define your property lines, provide visual barriers where needed and surround your private retreat in lush greenery. Container plantings can work similarly, but can also be re-positioned to accommodate gatherings or designate an outdoor room area.

We develop gardens to suit the homeowner and the home. Whether you enjoy the occasional work in the garden or prefer a completely hands off approach, we can create the perfect garden for you.

Water Features

Irrigation Installation, Renovation and Repair

Outdoor Lighting Installation and Repair

Lawn Installation

Drainage Systems

Patios, Pathways 

Walls and Steps

Container Plantings and Seasonal Color 

We look forward to the every new project because we love to see how much pleasure each unique garden design provides to its homeowner. Give us a call to discuss your perfect surroundings.